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Public Art

Public art presents an opportunity for communities to transform parking structures from the utilitarian to an experience that elevates the human spirit.  This practice can provide a way to celebrate community identity and forge a more intimate connection with a space.

Many cities including Austin and Sacramento along with states and territories such as California and Washington DC now require a percentage of their total capital construction cost to be used to this end. While the artist and art are often selected by a government committee, panel or advisory board, our parking design experts can work closely with them to ensure the partnership between the art and architecture transcends the ordinary.

The projects below demonstrate how public art can create an arrival experience from a grand scale, such as the expansive mural installed in the façade of the San Jose Airport Terminal 2 Parking Structure and ConRAC, to a more personal one as seen along the Metro Gold Line stations, which include intimate accents that reflect the character of each city. 

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