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Green Parking

Our team’s dedication to creating dynamic parking solutions for our clients naturally led us to incorporating sustainable design best practices into each solution. From preliminary design through maintenance, our professionals apply Sustainable Best Practices including the careful consideration of each design decision’s impact. 

As architects, engineers and planners of parking, the Watry Design team begins each project by taking advantage of all sustainable design opportunities on a site, such as vegetated swales for storm water management, water efficient landscaping, the building's orientation in relation to the sun and utilizing the natural contours of the site. We maximize the use of natural light and ventilation in each structure we design and use mechanical ventilation only when absolutely necessary. We design energy efficient lighting layouts and incorporate renewable energy sources, such as solar panels and geothermal loops.

Furthermore, our team specifies the use of recycled, local and non-toxic materials and suggests features, such as bike lockers, links to public transit and electric car charging stations, which promote alternative forms of transportation. Watry Design also develops efficient vehicular circulation. These efficiencies reduce traffic congestion, which in turn produces fewer emissions.

Watry Design helps our clients meet corporate and public environmental commitments by designing to Parksmart, LEED or LEED equivalent goals. Our firm is a Parksmart Partner (formerly the Green Parking Council)  and a US Green Building Council member and has both Parksmart Advisors and LEED accredited professionals on staff.

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