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The City of Vallejo's Waterfront area experienced several unsuccessful attempts at revitalization and redevelopment over the past several decades. The city's repeated and continuing efforts to revitalize the area became successful when it issued a Request for Qualifications to the development community in 1997. The resulting Waterfront Project and Vallejo Station Intermodal Facility are the product of a broad based planning effort involving the Master Developer, the community and several City agencies.

Image for Vallejo Waterfront Studies and Parking Structure

For Phase I, Watry Design served as parking consultant for the Master Developer to evaluate Master Plan solutions for parking that addressed the overall circulation issues of queuing to the City streets, coordination with the bus transfer center circulation and overall pedestrian connections solutions for the area. We evaluated phasing solutions for the on grade parking and structured parking. For Phase II, we were hired by the City to prepare construction documents for the parking structure evaluating lighting and security solutions for the parking and pedestrian connections. The Paseo Connection through the parking was evaluated to minimize pedestrian vehicle conflict.

Image for Vallejo Waterfront Studies and Parking Structure

For Phase III, we were hired to evaluate parking operations and the installation of a parking access and revenue control solution for the entire Ferry parking system including lots and structure. This included providing for priority parking for monthly preferred ferry parkers.

This project was the recipient of the 2014 IPI Award of Excellence for Merit, the 2013 Project of the Year Award Solano Transportation Authority and Special Congressional Recognition.

For Phase IV, Parking Structure Phase B, we developed drawings and are awaiting funding.

Phase I Studies Completed 2006

Phase II Parking Structure Phase A completed 2012

Phase III Parking Operations and Revenue Control Studies completed 2013

Phase IV Parking Structure Phase B Future Phase

Project Details

  • Owner: City of Vallejo