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Image for UC Davis West Entry Parking Structure

After the campus selected a very prominent location for the site of a new parking structure, they decided that the building should make an elegant architectural statement. The resulting design features a glass facade, which provides a striking glow at night, as well as a strong sense of safety, security and wayfinding for that area of the campus. In addition, the west facing glass panel creates a three-dimensional focal point and a visual connection to the University’s other garages. Precast accents on each of the building’s four corners tie the garage to the adjacent Life Sciences Building and provide additional wayfinding benefits.

The mature cork oak trees along Hutchison Drive to the south of the parking structure were kept, to further integrate the tall structure into its setting. The new landscaping provides an additional anchor and connects the parking structure to the new Transportation, Parking Services, Police Annex and Emergency Operations Center (TAPS) to the north of the building. The project’s scope included upgrading two major roads to accommodate the increased traffic created by the new parking structure, and two new dormitories towers nearby.

Project Details

  • Owner: UC Davis
  • Design Architect: EHDD Architects
  • Contractor: Swinerton (Harbison-Mahony-Higgins Builders, Inc.)
  • Project Status: Completed 2006
  • Parking Stalls: 1,519
  • Levels: 6
  • Total Sq Ft: 496,100
  • Sq Ft per Stall: 326
  • Total Project Cost: $25,652,700
  • Per Stall Cost: $16,887