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Image for Sacramento International Airport Parking Structure Condition Assessment

As part of its planning process for defining programming for a new ConRAC facility, the Sacramento International Airport wished to evaluate the condition of its existing 5,300 stall parking structure. Watry Design was asked to conduct a condition assessment of the structure, recommend maintenance, identify life and safety issues and provide opinions of probable cost for repairs.

In addition to a visual examination of the site, the Watry Design team consulted with Tourney Consulting Group to perform concrete laboratory testing that would help determine the current condition and remaining lifespan of the structure. The team's findings were ranked according to their urgency.

The recommendations included sealing concrete cracking, adding waterproof sealers or membranes to key areas above utility rooms and cast-in-place toppings. Additional drains were suggested to address areas exhibiting ponding water. While routine maintenance such as painting, cleaning and other housekeeping issues were marked as lower priority repairs in terms of the facility's lifespan, ensuring the structure remains clean and welcoming to users can have a significant impact on the user experience.

Materials testing performed by Tourney revealed no significant signs of corrosion or carbonation, indicating that with continued maintenance and care, the structure is currently in good condition with no immediate or foreseeable concerns that would affect its lifespan.

Opinions of probable cost were provided for each recommended repair.

Project Details

  • Owner: Sacramento International Airport
  • Client: Jacobsen | Daniels
  • Project Status: Completed 2019