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Image for Lume Apartments Fully Automated Parking

As Facebook continues to grow and transform the City of Menlo Park, demand for housing is also on the rise. Developer Greystar is addressing that demand with a new residential development on Constitution Drive with easy access to Facebook’s campus. Lume Apartments will provide 440 apartments, with 15% of units priced below market rate.

As the site is located in a flood plain with zoning height restrictions, limited space was available to devote to parking and excavation proved to be cost prohibitive. After studying a variety of options, the Watry Design team recommended a fully automated parking solution to meet the project’s needs. Watry Design worked closely with the developer and the design team to select a system and integrate it into the overall design.

When residents enter the parking facility, dynamic signage will direct them to an available transfer cabin that contains a turntable. After parking the vehicle on the turntable, they will then exit and follow instructions on a panel outside the cabin to signal the system to park the car. A dolly will then retrieve the car from the sealed transfer cabin and deliver it into the automated system. 

When a resident returns for their vehicle, they are once more directed to an available transfer cabin. After they input the required information, the system retrieves the car. Once it is delivered to the transfer cabin, the turntable will rotate the car so the driver can drive straight out of the facility.

See the system at work: 

Project Details

  • Owner: Greystar
  • Design Architect: BDE Architecture & Heller Manus Architecture
  • Parking System Provider: ParkWorks
  • Parking System: Sotefin
  • Project Status: Construction
  • Parking Stalls: 441
  • Levels: 3