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Image for Emeryville Public Market Master Planning and Parking Structures

As part of its continued transformation, the iconic Public Market in Emeryville is in the process of redeveloping 15 acres of commercial and office space into a mixed-use life science campus.

Since 2005, Watry Design has been working with City Center Realty Partners and other stakeholders to develop the Market’s master plan and successfully integrate efficient parking to support the developing site.

The constrained site poses a number of challenges to providing safe and connective pedestrian infrastructure as well as parking. Through shared parking analysis, efficiency studies, phasing studies and careful coordination with traffic consultant Fehr & Peers, the Watry team has provided invaluable information and design that has allowed the developer to stage demolition and construction while providing necessary parking infrastructure without hindering existing uses.

In addition, the Watry Design team worked with the Hart Howerton team to design a mixed-use facility that includes parking over a grocery store wrapped with residential on Parcel C.

When Oxford Properties purchased the site, they chose to continue leveraging Watry Design’s expertise and thorough understanding of the site.

Project Details

  • Owner: City Center Realty Partners, Oxford Properties
  • Design Architect: Hart Howerton, HDR, MCG Architecture
  • Project Status: In Progress