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City of Santa Cruz Locust St. and Soquel & Front Parking Structure Condition Assessment

Image for City of Santa Cruz Locust St. and Soquel & Front Parking Structure Condition Assessment

Watry Design was selected to evaluate two municipal parking garages, recommend repairs and develop a 5-year capitol improvement and protection plan. The team performed a visual examination of both structures, noting structural, functional, waterproofing and life-safety issues, along with architectural and aesthetic, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection items.

Concrete Science also took concrete core samples from the concrete decks to test for chloride intrusion which is an indicator of the amount of rusting and deterioration in the concrete to inform life cycle planning and remediation.

The team then put together a detailed report discussing their findings and ranked recommended repairs by the urgency of the problem. Category 'A' consisted of life-safety concerns that were of immediate importance, Category 'B' identified maintenance issues that were of moderate importance, and Category 'C' consisted of aesthetic or functional issues that were of lower importance. An opinion of probable cost was also prepared for recommended repairs and to aid in budgeting for a 5-year capitol plan.

Both structures were deemed to be in relatively good condition, with minimal Category A problems to address. However, a number of moderate-to-low level issues were observed, in line with what would be expected given the size and age of the structures and the marine climate. These included concrete cracking, cable rail damage and water intrusion.

Project Details

  • Owner: City of Santa Cruz
  • Project Status: Completed 2023