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The City hired Watry Design, Inc. to study multiple options for adding a parking structure to an on-grade lot in downtown Chico. The goal was to design a structure that maintains the aesthetic character of downtown while holding 700 parking spaces and to save as many of the existing mature trees along Wall Street as possible. In addition, the study included analyzing options to integrate the Farmers Market into the site. 

In collaboration with the City of Chico, Watry Design held public workshops to collect feedback on the various components for the new parking structure, such as the size, number of levels, massing, colors, textures, open space, etc. After careful consideration of all the factors, the Watry team presented three options for a 5-level parking structure to the City. The options presented provided from 685 to 715 total parking stalls with various configurations of open space and alternatives for the Farmers Market at the ground level of the structure.

Project Details

  • Owner: City of Chico
  • Project Status: Completed 2006