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Image for Chevron World Headquarters Parking Master Plan

In 2005, Chevron World Headquarters, located in San Ramon, was going to reach the end of their development agreement with the City. Termination was eminent and still several critical items needed to be addressed and potentially renegotiated. The ability to increase parking supply on the property was one of these items. The existing agreement stated that Chevron could build up to two parking structures on the property in the land banked area defined in the original Master Plan with a maximum number of 3,600 stalls.

Their campus originally held 2,600 on-grade stalls that wrapped around a vast 1 million sq. ft. of office buildings. Watry Design, Inc. studied many options for Chevron, including current and future user needs and assessed traffic impact at the site entries including the affect that the changes might make on the city streets and back to the freeway off ramp. We evaluated pedestrian circulation patterns through the parking and evaluated lighting and safety. We evaluated multiple user groups including preferred parking.

In the end, Watry concluded that structured parking was not the best option for Chevron and instead found that increasing the on-grade capacity within the site would be a more beneficial solution. By switching from older standard/compact parking criteria to a uninstall design, Chevron could increase their parking from 2,600 to 3,600 stalls. As a result, Watry saved Chevron 15 million in parking structure infrastructure. 

Project Details

  • Owner: Chevron Corporation
  • Project Status: Completed 2005