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Image for SPIRE Residential Tower Automated Parking

The small, triangular site at 600 Wall St. in Seattle posed a prime opportunity to develop a luxury residential tower just blocks from the Space Needle. However, the unique site posed a significant challenge: how to accommodate adequate parking within the site constraints. Laconia Development asked Watry Design, Inc. to design an innovative parking solution that meets the needs of both the unique site and its residents.

In order to provide the views envisioned by the developer on all sides of the 10,000 square foot site, the 41 story, 440-foot tower's structural core was placed in the center, thus slicing the available area for parking into 30 foot wide sections. Since a conventional parking setup requires 60 feet, the Watry Design team took a more out-of-the-box approach to find the right solution. This included embarking on trips to both Italy and China to meet with manufactures of mechanical and automated parking systems and evaluate how they might be customized to fit the needs of the challenging site.

As programming for the project evolved, including a significant increase in building height, the Watry Design team studied puzzle, cantilevered, shuttle, post and no-post systems to ensure the right solution not only met the needs of the site but also provides the desired experience for residents and the best long term value for the project.

A Sotefin fully-automated parking system, the first of its kind in Seattle, was ultimately selected and designed into the project. In addition to working within the site constraints, the automated system provides tenants with an automated valet. Residents enter the first subterranean level and drive their car into one of 3 transfer cabins, exit the vehicle and initiate the parking process. The system then moves the vehicle from the transfer cabin to an available storage space. When tenants request their car, the system retrieves it from storage and delivers it to a transfer bay for pick up.

Video courtesy of The Spire. Visit Spire Seattle to learn more about this landmark project.

Project Details

  • Owner: Laconia Development
  • Design Architect: VIA Architecture
  • Contractor: PCL
  • Parking System Provider: Parkworks
  • Parking System: Sotefin
  • Equity Partner: Vanke
  • Project Status: Completed 2021
  • Parking Capacity: 250