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When management developed concerns about the condition of an aged parking structure at their office complex in Walnut Creek, they contacted Watry Design Inc. to evaluate distressed concrete components, recommend appropriate repairs and develop a recommended time line for the proposed work.

After performing a site visit, the team observed spalling, cracking, joint separation and exposed anchors at the construction joints at the ramps. Concrete testing by Concrete Science also revealed low concrete strength in top slab of the upper deck that needed to be addressed to improve the structure's safety and longevity.

Watry Design proposed replacement of all uniform slab tendons running parallel to the ramps and repair of the damaged concrete, as well as adding a traffic membrane to prevent water intrusion that would cause future corrosion. To address the concrete strength concerns, the team recommended strengthening the slabs with fiber wrap prior to installing the traffic membrane.

A two-phase construction plan was developed to accomplish the repairs. Phase one, consisting of the post-tensioning repairs, was completed in 2022. Phase two strengthened the slabs and applied the traffic membrane, and was completed in 2024

Project Details

  • Owner: Windsor Management
  • Contractor: Schwager Davis Inc.
  • Project Status: Completed 2024