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2022 ICSC Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Image of 2022 ICSC Las Vegas Pathline Park, Sunnyvale, California

How much parking is needed to support transit-oriented development? What role does parking play in the master plan of a new biotech campus? How can developers overcome the challenge of supplying sufficient parking on a constrained site while still meeting their pro-formas? 

We look forward to talking to you about this and all of the current trends at this year's ICSC Las Vegas, May 22-24, for the world’s largest global gathering of retail real estate professionals.

Ask us how we are working with developers to integrate mechanical and automated parking solutions, or how shared parking studies can right size your project. 

About the Author

Jess McInerney, SE has been creating parking solutions for over 25 years. He is a licensed engineer in 5 states. Jess is responsible for the design of over 200 parking projects and leads parking structure design for the firm. An active member in the Urban Land Institute, Jess has both written and spoken on the future of parking, the cost of designing for adaptive reuse, mixed-use parking, below grade parking and the integration of Photovoltaics into parking structures. 

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